Soil health educator,  rethinking soils through a lens of biology.

​I am an independent plant and soil health educator providing lectures, workshops and consultation on soil management, plant nutrition and integrated approaches of sustainable food production.

Joel Williams

I have a particular interest in designing farming systems that focus on managing soil biology along with crop & soil nutrition to optimise plant immunity and soil function. I have extensive practical experience in Australia, UK and Canada (where I’m currently based) integrating soil and plant analyses as a joined-up strategy for managing production. I have a passion for teaching and sharing both scientific and practical knowledge on agroecological growing practices and I have been fortunate enough to lecture to farming audiences internationally.



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I’ve completed a Bachelor of Agricultural Science (AUS) specialising in plant and soil dynamics and an MSc in Food Policy (UK) which focussed on food systems, intercropping and agroecological transitions. I guest lecture on the MSc Biological & Organic Agriculture program at South East Technological University in Ireland and I previously worked at The University of Roehampton in the UK running a market garden for a food and sustainability project offering extra curricular training for non-agricultural/horticultural students.

I’m always collating my thoughts on soil related interests into educational resources – articles, short courses, field days etc. Do sign up to my mailing list for updates on news, speaking events and webinars.

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Course: Foliar Nitrogen

A 10 lecture, online course and resources package which takes a detailed and deep dive into all things nitrogen nutrition and foliar feeding toward improving nitrogen use efficiency.

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Maffra, VIC, Australia
Plant Health and Immunity in Vegetables
Hosted by: vegNET | AUSVEG

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